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Are you buying a ticket for yourself?

Download app and buy tickets.

Step 1: Download Pilkington Bus App

Go to the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store and download the Pilkington Bus App to your smartphone:

Apple AppStore:

Google Play (Android):

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Step 2: Register and find your ticket

Register as an app user on the Pilkington Bus App and find the ticket you require.

Step 3: Buy your ticket and away you go!

You only need to be connected to the Internet when you buy your ticket, as the App is resident on your phone, you do not need a data connection on the bus.

***Please note: You will need your own smartphone to show the driver each time you board the bus***

Monthly tickets are available at our bus depot at the beginning of the month located at 47 Argyle Street, Accrington BB5 1DQ for parents who want to pay cash on their child’s behalf. This will give you an old style paper ticket and it reduces the chance of children losing bus pass money.

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Are you buying a ticket for someone else?

This protects your bank details and pairs your phone with your child’s if you want notifications and tracking info.

You will need a good internet signal during this process.

 Email addresses must be entered correctly

  1. Download the app on to your phone and the other persons phone.
  1. Create an account and Sign in using different emails
  1. When you are in the process of buying a ticket press the change button and enter the other person’s email address.
  1. Press confirm
  1. You will see a message that the ticket has been gifted.
  1. You will receive an email that you have gifted.

Recipients Account

  1. The recipient will receive an email confirming the gift.
  1. The recipient now has the ticket — under —- my tickets —— inbox
  1. The recipient can now activate the ticket when they want.