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EVERYONE notices Bus Advertising

Everyone NOTICES Bus Advertising

Everyone notices BUS Advertising

Everyone notices Bus ADVERTISING

Advertising in a newspaper or magazine only gives you a single chance to get the attention of your target market –  once they’ve flipped the page, they will never see your advert again. Bus advertising gives you the opportunity to get your message seen by thousands of people every day.
However the main advantage to bus advertising is the price! An advertisement on the back of one of our buses, can cost nearly 90% less than an advertisement in a popular magazine or newspaper, and will be visible for at least 3 months!

If you’re a business that wants to gain more exposure and recognition in the local community, there’s no better value advertising opportunity. With a range of prices dependent on placement, length of advertisement and number of vehicles, we can put together a package that gets you the most exposure for your investment!

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